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[BERRISOM] Animal Mask Series Set / BEST Korea Cosmetic

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[BERRISOM] Animal Mask Series Set / Moisture and Nourishment

Whitening mask coantaining vitamin C and arbutin, it produces bright and shiny skin.
Wrinkle reducing mask that increases skin density with placenta, helpful to skin resilience, and adenosine, an anti-aging ingredient.
A msk that contains Koreand red ginseng extract to firm rough and dried skin to provide you with healthy skin.
A mask that supplies moisture energy to rough and dried skin with hyaluronic acid, a helpful ingredient in moisturizing the skin.
A mask that provides sufficient amount of moisture and nourishment to rough and dried skin with snail mucus filtrate.
A mask that maintains beautiful skin and adds resilience to rough and dull skin with ocean's energy, marine collagen.
A mask that makes rough and dull skin look clear and lively with super food, blackberry extract.


How to use
1. After washing, apply toner to settle skin.
2. Open the product and apply the mask on face excluding the area around the eyes and lips.
3. Remove the sheet after 15~20 minutes.
4. Absorb the essence left on face.

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