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Makeup base full Perfect Natural Cover Concealer 2.2g f

REF 22351
Información del producto

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Descripción del Articulo:.

Product brand: DASHU(korea cosmatic brand)

* Condition: Original, New and unopened, 100% Genuine goods

* Used for: For men, face/ All skin type


1. Natural Skin Trouble Cover For Men!

2. Excellent sustainability

3. Thinly spread, not thick

4. Non-sticky moisturizing Soft formulation

5. Seaweed & herb complex form nature

How to use

Apply a tip with a tip to the area of the skin that you want to cover. And spread it with a finger or a brush.

Política de Envió:

  • MÉXICO........... Internacional Shipping 25-30 Días Hábiles *** GRATIS ***
  • MÉXICO........... Vía FedEx 20 Días Hábiles.
  • USA ................. Envió Internacional 10-15 Días Hábiles. *** GRATIS ***
  • OTROS PAÍSES Envió Internacional 25-35 Días Hábiles. *** GRATIS ***

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